Knowledge : Superfastviews

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1. What Is Traffic Exchange?

2. What Are Minutes?

3. What are Hits?

4. How do I get minutes?

5. What is the Superfastviews Viewer?

6. How to Mute Superfastviews Viewer Browser  ?

7. Can I run multiple Superfastviews Viewers?

8. Just Refer People and Earn Money

9. What are Website Slots?

10. How many hits do I get per minute?

11. What is the Visitor Duration?

12. How much website traffic can Superfastviews deliver?

13. What is the Traffic Exchange Ratio?

14. What is the Traffic Source feature?

15 What is the Geo-targeting feature?

16 What is the Mobile/Desktop Traffic feature?

17. How to fix NSIS Error Easily on windows xp/7/8/8.1/10 ?